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What is industbay ??

Industbay is an online marketplace for industrial equipment, tools, and machine across niches. Our classified advertising platform bridges the gap between sellers and buyers of these goods.

What types of machines are available on Industbay?

Industbay affords a large variety of machinery. We have grouped machines as per particular industry categories. These range from metal, textile, and metal industries to agriculture, construction, logistics, and others.

What are my benefits as a buyer on Industbay?

Buyers enjoy the best-priced offers from our huge pool of sellers. Additionally, we offer spare parts, tools, equipment, and machines across industries to ensure a one-stop solution.

How do I create a listing to sell my Machine?

Register on Industbay then log into your account and sign up for a subscription plan. Afterward, click the “Post Your Ad Now” button to craft the listing for your machine(s)

What if there isn't a category where your product can fit?

We offer a large range of categories to match various machines. However, if you are unable to find a suitable category, reach out to us immediately for prompt assistance

Can I sell my used machines on Industbay?

You can sell all kinds of industrial machines on Industbay, including used ones. Our simple-to-use platform gives you access to ready buyers so you can complete your sale promptly and conveniently

How can I find the Machine that is suitable for my needs?

Use the search option on the Industbay website to filter machines by model, category, or brand. If unable to find what you need, reach out to us with your requirements for swift assistance.

How do I make the purchase on this website?

You can reach out to sellers via WhatsApp and Live chat & Make an offer features, available on our individual product pages. Use these channels to coordinate with the seller and initiate your purchase.

How can I contact the seller?

There are several ways in which you can get in touch with the seller to discuss the deals. You have the option to use live chat, phone, or WhatsApp to communicate with them.